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Laser Vein Therapy in Augusta & Grovetown, GA

With laser vein therapy, patients can eliminate the appearance of unsightly spider veins and varicose veins without the use of invasive techniques. 7 Seas Medical Spa is proud to offer this treatment to men and women living in Augusta, Columbia City, Evans, and the nearby areas of Georgia.

What is Laser Vein Therapy?

Laser vein therapy is a non-invasive technique for eliminating the appearance of unwanted spider veins and varicose veins. Laser vein therapy is often the preferred method of spider and varicose vein treatment because it doesn’t require any invasive techniques and can be used to easily treat veins that are numerous or in sensitive areas. Laser vein therapy is a common treatment for facial veins and for patients who are not eligible for sclerotherapy.

How Much Does Laser Vein Therapy Cost?

The cost of your laser vein therapy will depend on a variety of factors, including the extent of treatment needed to produce your desired results. During your consultation, Dr. Austin will assess your treatment goals in order to develop a personalized treatment plan. At this point, we will be able to provide you with the full cost of treatment. For your convenience, we accept many forms of payment and also offer flexible financing options through CareCredit®, PatientFi – Click here to apply and Prosper® Healthcare Lending.

Can Laser Vein Therapy Be Used for Varicose Vein Treatment?

Laser vein therapy is an effective choice for varicose vein treatment. It eliminates the need for needles and other invasive techniques by targeting the vein from the skin’s surface. However, large varicose veins may not respond as well to laser treatment as they would from sclerotherapy.

Can Laser Vein Therapy Be Used for Spider Vein Treatment?

Laser vein therapy is an effective treatment option for spider veins. In fact, laser vein therapy is the preferred method for the treatment of spider veins in the face. Laser vein therapy eliminates the need for facial injections, resulting in a more comfortable treatment experience.

facial injections, resulting in a more comfortable treatment experience.

What is the Laser Vein Therapy Treatment Like?

During the laser vein therapy treatment, we apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area in order to minimize any discomfort that may occur. Then, we will target the desired vein using precise laser energy, ensuring that none of the surrounding tissue is damaged. The laser energy heats the targeted vein, causing it to rupture and clot. This causes the vein to lose blood flow, which results in it fading from view over the following weeks.

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When Will I Notice Results from Laser Vein Therapy?

After laser vein therapy, the treated vein will gradually fade from view over the days and weeks following treatment. In some cases, such as in the treatment of larger veins, multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve complete removal. However, many patients achieve significant and permanent results after a single treatment.

If you are looking for a solution to spider veins or varicose veins, contact us today to schedule your consultation at 7 Seas Medical Spa. We welcome patients from Columbia, North Augusta and Evans, GA.